My desk is the landing zone for articles, magazines, webinar invitations, product sales pitches and numerous other informative media. From time to time, I run across tidbits of information that I feel are worth sharing with others who are surviving (or at least trying) these economically challenged times. I have recently, with the help of some of my younger associates, started putting my thoughts on video rather than typing everything. So that being said, take a look at both my written articles as well as new videos!

Greg and the rest of the team are always finding new media reports and market analysis, some of which are good, and some of which are not so good, but all of which are readily available to the general public. Greg's videos can be found here as well as on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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"Dominion Retirement Income Planning distinguishes themselves in their dedication to consumer education, impressive experience in the financial industry, wide-varying knowledge, and commitment to helping their clients achieve their retirement financial and income goals. I recommend them as a source to turn to for expert, personal guidance with your income planning objectives."

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The education we provide here is imperative to your financial success, especially in today's economic environment. Here you will learn how to create a plan that is guaranteed to meet or exceed your immediate or distant financial expectations. We encourage you to share this academic resource with your friends and family, so that they can also empower themselves with the knowledge found here.