greg form2Do you know the unspoken truths about your Social Security? WE DO! 

Decisions about Social Security can be complex - let us help you understand all the details to help you bring the bigger picture of Social Security and your retirement into focus.

A look at the bigger picture

    1. Did you know you no longer receive your annual Social Security statement by mail?
    2. Did you know that failing to sign up for Medicare when you turn 65 could result in a 10% penalty added to your monthly Part B premium?
    3. Did you know that if you are paying into Social Security, you gain access to survivors insurance?
    4. Did you know that even if your wife/ husband does not have enough work history to qualify for Social Security or Medicare, she/he can still receive benefits at full retirement age?
    5. Did you know that money withdrawn from your IRA or pension or other investments will not be considered earnings by the Social Security Administration?
    6. Did you know that returning to work after receiving benefits—even on a part-time basis—may increase your benefit amount?
    7. Did you know that creditors (credit card,mortgage and auto loan companies) cannot garnish your Social Security benefits to pay off debts

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