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Helping You Find the Financial Freedom You Deserve - In Practice Since 1976.

Most people spend more time planning a two-week vacation than their retirement. And while it makes sense to put plenty of energy into a dream getaway, your financial future deserves every ounce of effort you can spare. Fortunately, planning your retirement doesn’t have to be a source of unwanted anxiety. It can be as simple as calling the right team to help you along your journey to financial freedom.

Greg brings his 40 years of investment management experience to our clients.

From 1981 – 2002 Greg advised on the institutional side of the investment management arena where he represented the portfolio management of major financial institutions. He has traveled and lectured on investment management extensively.

Greg’s focus is Investment Management and guaranteed Retirement Income Planning. Greg has developed a specialty working with retirees, and those about to retire who want to guarantee their principal, lock in their gains and ensure that their money lasts. His goal is that his clients will always have enough and that they will never be a burden to their loved ones and that their assets will pass to the ones they love vs. the IRS or legal expenses.

Greg is a Veteran of the Vietnam War Era and served as a US Army Instrument Instructor Pilot (1969-1971). In addition to traveling the country speaking on financial planning he has served as an adjunct faculty member of George Mason University, and frequent lecturer at Marymount College and George Washington University teaching Asset Management, Financial Planning and Personal Finance. He has also served on the advisory board of Fairfax Savings and Loan as well as a board member of Goose Creek Foundation, The Sydney Dodson Foundation and Project Lifesaver International. Greg is a graduate of Embry Riddle University and the New York Institute of Finance.

Greg and his wife live on a farm, which they share with their children, occasional grandchildren and numerous critters (dogs, cats, horses, birds and one pushy rooster). “I’ve spent years evaluating financial products and strategies. I know what they can and can’t do for my clients. I put my experience, energy and knowledge to work for my clients so they can concentrate on the other important things in their lives.”

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"Dominion Retirement Income Planning distinguishes themselves in their dedication to consumer education, impressive experience in the financial industry, wide-varying knowledge, and commitment to helping their clients achieve their retirement financial and income goals. I recommend them as a source to turn to for expert, personal guidance with your income planning objectives."

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