With so much information on retirement planning available, it can be hard to know what's best for you. This is where we can help you. We would be glad to help you work through the "what ifs," go over your complete financial picture, and decide what planning options make sense for your future. Fill out the form to the right to request a no-cost, initial consultation.

MarroneFinancialMore Financial Confidence
Don't wait for income gaps to appear, or any other potential setbacks. We will identify potential shortfalls and help you be well-prepared for your financial and income goals.

strategizeOne-on-One Strategizing
We will take time to discuss your situation and get a clear overview of your circumstances, goals, and needs. It's all about learning about your financial picture.

IncomeMore Retirement Income
Discover powerful strategies to maximize monthly spendable income. Learn how you can keep your wealth safe, intact, and working for you over your retirement lifetime.

ServicePersonal Service
At Dominion Retirement Income Planning, personal attention is a central part of how we serve you. Come and see the difference it can make for your income planning needs.


Don't care for "group seminars?" Fill out the form to schedule your one-on-one meeting with Greg Bodoh, our advisor of 37 years at our Warrenton, VA office.

This is an opportunity to privately discuss important financial issues that may affect you and your family today and for years to come.  This is not a seminar event.  This exclusive invitation entitles you to a unique consultation, completely free of charge.

Bring to the table whatever is on your mind.  Here are some things you may be thinking about:

Annuities - Can they help with issues regarding probate, Medicaid, tax savings?
Retirement Income Strategies – Will I have enough?  How to make sure I don’t outlive my assets.
Safely Protecting and Growing Assets – How can I have potential for my money to grow, but not lose it when the market goes down?
Market Volatility – How can I protect myself in the case of another downturn?
Tax Efficiency – How can I reduce the taxes on money that I am not using while still remaining liquid?  How will taxes affect my distributions and Social Security benefits?
Portfolio Analysis – Am I getting the best overall performance?  Is my portfolio generating enough to cover what I am truly paying for?
Retirement Plans – What should I be doing --  a 401k, rollover, Roth IRA, and / or other options?  How should I set up my 70½ Required Minimum Distribution?

Get a Valuable Second Opinion From an Experienced, Local Financial Professional. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for you to participate.  You’ll learn valuable information and techniques that can be implemented to improve your financial position.

Appointments are limited! Please fill out the form to the right to schedule your complimentary consultation: 540-347-2125   



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testimonial meyer

"Dominion Retirement Income Planning distinguishes themselves in their dedication to consumer education, impressive experience in the financial industry, wide-varying knowledge, and commitment to helping their clients achieve their retirement financial and income goals. I recommend them as a source to turn to for expert, personal guidance with your income planning objectives."

Brent Meyer Jr., Founder of SafeMoney.com



The education we provide here is imperative to your financial success, especially in today's economic environment. Here you will learn how to create a plan that is guaranteed to meet or exceed your immediate or distant financial expectations. We encourage you to share this academic resource with your friends and family, so that they can also empower themselves with the knowledge found here.