The professionals of Dominion Retirement Income Planning provide customized advice based on your needs. They give you the confidence that comes with understanding how your personal plan can help you enjoy the future you deserve.

 Here at Dominion Retirement Income Planning, we use a consultative and educational approach. We feel that it is our job to educate you to be able to make informed decisions. With 40 years of experience behind us, we will teach you about appropriate financial instruments that address your needs. All the while, advising as to which financial instruments are inappropriate for your goals and objectives. This process is designed to help eliminate confusion, procrastination and eventual financial mistakes

The steps in the process are:Waiting Room Chairs

I. Our introduction-sometimes from referral, but most result from you having attended one of our financial education workshops.

II.  You scheduling an exploratory meeting, where we discuss  your current financial resources, your goals and time frames for the future

III. If we feel that there is a fit between us, we schedule at least two more meetings. During the next meeting (second meeting) we present, in a written and documented fashion, a retirement income plan designed around what we learned in the first meeting about you. Remember that we will always have one or two meetings scheduled that will follow this meeting. After this second meeting, you will take home the proposed plan and read, review and discuss it.

IV.   The next meeting (third meeting) is for your questions that have been created during earlier meetings and your review of your personalized plan.

V.  The next meeting (fourth meeting) is for the purpose of beginning the implementation steps as listed in the retirement income plan that was documented for you.

After the plan implementation we will meet frequently to review the plan, the progress and any changes and or additions that you may require.

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