To become a client of Dominion Retirement Income Planning you must be comfortable with your decision to do so. We must build a relationship of trust, understanding and open communication. Therefore, let me explain the process.

Do you remember dating? It's much the same process.

Q and AFirst – the blind date...if you attend our educational seminar or visit our office for a complimentary will see us for the very first time, thus the blind date.

Get to know – the next appointment that we schedule together will be a get to know each other meeting. Bring your partner or any family member with which you consult. You will learn many things about us (individually and as a Company) and we, in return, will learn many things about you and the things that are most important to you.

Gathering of information – the next appointment will be to gather information. You will bring paperwork to this meeting; tax returns; current statements; life insurance; LTC policies and anything for which you request a second opinion.

Retirement Income Plan – the next time that we get together, you will receive your retirement income plan notebook. This is your information, researched, reviewed and laid out for you. This will outline your circumstances, to include; your objectives, constraints, financial safety, return objectives, time horizon, liquidity needs, and available funds. Your booklet will include our observations, conclusions and recommendations for change to your current portfolio.

Q and A (we answer your questions) – the next time that we get together, you have taken time to review the retirement income plan that we prepared for you. We will answer any and all questions that you have pertaining to our suggestions.

Becoming our client – If we succeeded in developing a mutual comfort level with one another and you are interested in going forward with any proposal that we have made, you will become our client and from this point forward, it is our mission to keep you informed and provide to you the utmost customer service.

It has been my experience in the past 40 years that this process is most effective for us both.

If market movements are distressing you and your emotions are causing you to second guess your current strategy, call Dominion Retirement Income Planning and let's begin the process!

Retire with financial freedom – a quality of life that suits you!

Your Role...

While we are here to serve you, it is important to remember that this is a relationship, and as in any relationship, both parties have responsibilities. Here are a few things that we require from our clients:

  1. Involve your partner
  2. Be prepared to communicate
  3. Educate us – let us know what is important to you
  4. Educate yourself – ask questions, lots of them
  5. Remember that any decisions are yours to make
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